Paw Earrings with Hair / Fur
Paw Earrings with Hair / Fur
Paw Earrings with Hair / Fur
Paw Earrings with Hair / Fur
Paw Earrings with Hair / Fur
Paw Earrings with Hair / Fur
Paw Earrings with Hair / Fur
Paw Earrings with Hair / Fur
Paw Earrings with Hair / Fur
Paw Earrings with Hair / Fur

Paw Earrings with Hair / Fur

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Custom-made paw shaped earrings with embedded hair / fur (Also possible with ashes or teeth). A beautiful way to preserve memories.
The earrings can be customized as you wish :) You will receive one pair of earrings (2 single earrings).

🌸 Flower colors
🌸 Gold leaves, glitter, pearls, letters (doesn't change the price)
🌸 Type and color of earrings (Pin-head earrings, lever-back earrings in gold, silver, or rosé)
🌸 Upon request you can also change the shape of the earrings (round, oval, square, heart, all options in the product pictures, or request any other shape).

All Earrings are nickel free, cadmium free and have a high quality 925 sterling silver base, making them long-lasting, with no discoloration to the skin.

You can look at my other resin jewelry or request example images if you need inspiration!

When ordering more than one pair, you get a discount. Please send me a message if you don't get an automatic discount.

My resin is BPA free and has max. UV-resistance
I am located in Germany, shipping is possible worldwide.


❔ How does it work?
After you pick your design options, I will send you a message with all necessary information.
Then you send a strain of hair (1.5–3 cm) in a small plastic bag, or a folded paper (please send double the amount you would like to have in the earrings, in case a second attempt is needed) inside your envelope.
After I receive the hair, I will carefully embed it and send you an image of the finished earrings. If you like it, I will send you the finished earrings with the remaining hair.

❔ How long does it take?
After I receive the hair, it takes about 4 weeks to finish the earrings + shipping time (depending on where you live). In case you require the earrings earlier, you can tell me the date you require them and I will tell you if it's possible.

❔ I want to do earrings, but I have no idea how I want them to look like, or I am not sure yet
No problem, I have plenty of images I can send you for inspiration, just send a message. I can also try some variations and ideas I have and send you pictures of the “dry version” of the earrings before I cast them 🙂

❔ Do you also do Pet Hair?
Yes! The price is the same 🐶

❔ I want to embed items from other life events, like weddings, birthdays, graduation, etc.
That is possible too. Just send me a message with your idea 🙂

❔ I want to send my own flowers for the earrings
You can send your own flowers. You can dry flowers by placing them flat inside a book (paper pages!) This can take 14 days. Sometimes that makes them change or lose a bit of color. If you want to avoid that, you can place them in Silica gel. When you send fresh flowers, make sure you send them wrapped in paper, not in a plastic bag. I can also dry flowers for you, just send them between two pieces of paper with the hair.

Feel free to send a message if you have any questions :)

Sometimes I post pictures of the earrings I crafted on social media or my website. If you don't like your earrings to be posted online, please notify me and I will not use images of the earrings.