Bridal Flower Bouquet Necklace - Custom
Bridal Flower Bouquet Necklace - Custom
Bridal Flower Bouquet Necklace - Custom
Bridal Flower Bouquet Necklace - Custom
Bridal Flower Bouquet Necklace - Custom
Bridal Flower Bouquet Necklace - Custom
Bridal Flower Bouquet Necklace - Custom
Bridal Flower Bouquet Necklace - Custom
Bridal Flower Bouquet Necklace - Custom
Bridal Flower Bouquet Necklace - Custom
Bridal Flower Bouquet Necklace - Custom

Bridal Flower Bouquet Necklace - Custom

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💐 Custom-made necklace with embedded bridal bouquet flowers. A beautiful way to preserve your wedding memories.
The pendant can be customized as you wish :)
Can also be gifted as a coupon and makes for a unique and special wedding gift, specially for last minute gifts! (Write me to get the Coupon-PDF)

🌸 Shape (round, oval, square, heart, all options in the product pictures, or request any other shape)
🌸 Extras: Small Wedding Rings in the pendant, added gold leaves or glitter (doesn't change the price)
🌸 Only pendant, pendant with keyring (gold or silver), pendant with necklace (gold-plated or Sterling Silver), earrings
You can look at my other resin jewelry or request example images if you need inspiration!

- My resin is BPA free and has max. UV-resistance
- I am located in Germany, shipping is possible worldwide.

Necklaces all have a high quality 925 sterling silver base.
Length: 45 cm (18 inches), height 1.2 mm
- Cadmium Free
- Nickel Free
- long-lasting, no discoloration on the skin


❔ How does it work?
You can place your order and I will send you a message with the address for your flowers, or you write a message before you place your order - up to you :)
The flowers must be dried before embedding them in resin. You can send the flowers fresh or dried.

❔ Which option is better; sending them fresh or dried?
I recommend drying the flowers yourself, since dried flowers are easier and safer to ship.

Flowers can change colors during the drying process (read more about that further down). If you choose to dry the flowers yourself, you can pick the flowers you like the most. But you will have some effort with the drying of the flowers.

Fresh flowers are more sensitive during the shipping process and might get color-damage and loose freshness during shipping.
However, I would pick the best flowers for embedding and dry them with a very color-friendly process.

❔ I want to dry the flowers myself. How do I go about it?
I recommend two methods:

🌷 Method 1: Hanging Flowers in the Air 🌷

Choose fresh, healthy flowers at their peak bloom. Avoid flowers with blemishes or signs of decay.

Remove excess foliage: Trim away any leaves or foliage from the stems. Excess foliage can retain moisture and slow down the drying process.

Create a small bundle: Group the flowers into small bundles, with about 5-7 stems per bundle. Make sure the bundles aren't too dense to allow airflow between the stems.

Hang the bundle: Find a warm, dark, and well-ventilated area to hang the flower bundle upside down. This could be a closet, attic, or a dry corner of a room.

Patience: The drying time will vary depending on the flower type, humidity, and temperature. It usually takes around 1-3 weeks for the flowers to completely dry. Be patient and avoid disturbing the drying process.

Check for dryness: After the drying period, carefully check the flowers for dryness. They should feel papery to the touch and retain their shape. If they are not fully dry, give them a little more time.

🌷 Method 2: Pressing Flowers with Books 🌷

Materials Needed:
Parchment paper or absorbent paper
Heavy books or flower press
Weight (optional)

Choose fresh flowers with flat petals for easier pressing.
Prepare the flowers: Gently flatten the flowers between two sheets of absorbent paper or parchment paper. Make sure the flowers are arranged neatly and not overlapping.

Pressing with books: Place the prepared flowers inside the paper (!) pages of a heavy book. Choose a book that you don't mind dedicating to this purpose, as it might cause some staining on the pages. Don't use catalogs with coated, shiny pages. They could discolor the flowers, and they are not good for drying either.

Add weight (optional): For better results, you can place additional weight on top of the book, like another heavy book or some weights.

Patience: The pressing process will take about 1-2 weeks.

Final touches: Once dried, carefully remove the pressed flowers from the parchment paper.

Remember, each method has its benefits, and the choice of drying process depends on the type of flowers and your desired outcome. If you dry the flowers in a book, they will be flat in the pendant.

💌 Shipping:
Air-dried flowers: Place the dried flowers inside a sturdy box or shipping container that gives them enough space, so that the petals don't get crushed.
Book-dried flowers: Place the flowers between two cardboards that will protect the flowers from crinkles.
Fresh Flowers: Place the flowers flat between two cardboards with a paper-towel between each cardboard and flowers.
If you want to send more flowers, you can also ship them in a box.

Select a reliable shipping method that ensures timely delivery. Consider using a service that offers package tracking and insurance to protect against any damage or loss during transit.
Ship at the right time: Avoid shipping dried flowers during extreme weather conditions or over holidays when there may be delays in the postal service.

Remember, despite taking all precautions, shipping delicate items like dried flowers carries some inherent risk. However, by following these steps and using proper packaging materials, you can increase the chances of the dried flowers reaching their destination safely and beautifully preserved.

❔ How long does it take?
After I receive the flowers, it takes 3-4 weeks to finish the pendant + shipping time (depending on where you live). If you send the flowers fresh, I will first have to dry them, adding 1-2 more weeks to the process. In case you require the pendant earlier, you can tell me the date you require it and I will tell you if it's possible.

❔ Do you also do cremation flowers, or flowers from other occasions?
Yes! The price is the same 💐

❔ I want to embed items from other life events, like weddings, birthdays, graduation, etc.
That is possible too. Just send me a message with your idea 🙂 I can also craft hair-pendants.

❔ I really want to have a pendant, but I can't afford one 😢
I understand! I often give away pendants for free on Instagram. My account is small, so your chances of winning are good 😉

Feel free to send a message if you have any questions :)

Sometimes I post pictures of the pendants I crafted on social media / Etsy. If you don't like your pendant to be posted online, please notify me and I will not use images of the pendant.